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DIY is taking a substantial pool market share around the world pool industry as a cost-saving activity, with the sole purpose of eliminating a profit margin collected by third-party pool contractors by undertaking pool construction and various other small construction projects.

What is DIY?

It is a do-it-yourself fiberglass pool kit, where you become the contractor and the installer. This can save you an average of $10,000.00 on the installation of a fiberglass pool. The customers that are doing them are looking for a fun project for the whole family, while saving thousands of dollars on a fiberglass in-ground pool.

Not sure of your ability? We provide a full installation guide that is easy to follow, and we have various other options as well. The installation guide, along with pictures, notes and finer points that will save you time and money on your installation.

We have over 10 years of experience on installing fiberglass pools in Panama. Our experience will make it easy for you from start to finish. The best part is that you will be saving thousands of dollars on the installation of a fiberglass pool.

By definition Do it Yourself, also known as DIY, is the method of building, modifying, or repairing something without the extensive aid of experts or professionals.

Pools DIY - What are the benefits?

There are mainly two significant benefits to doing your own pool as DIY installation:

  • Be your own Boss and get the profit margin instead of the pool installer.
  • Remove dependency from the pool contractor and be in charge of your installation schedule.

Fiberglass pool DIY kits - Why?

The fiberglass pools industry is one of the best and easiest inground pools DIY installations since the fiberglass pool shell is already built and ready to be installed.

What about a pool warranty?

We offer comprehensive factory’s pool warranty, and provide a detailed installation guide.

Why pool companies don't like pools DIY!

Most fiberglass pool companies and contractors are standing against selling pools DIY since they are the ones who lose the market share to energetic consumers. However, installing a fiberglass inground pool with a fiberglass DIY kit is not rocket science and is being done every day by many homeowners.

What are DIY installation requirements?

It is all about getting everything organized for a perfectly pool installation. The pool must be marked for excavation, ensuring that the area is free of any power, gas, and cable lines. Here is the list of actions that involve in every inground fiberglass installation:

  • Excavation machinery or hand digging
  • Backfill material – Sand or fine gravel.
  • Water for the pool
  • Pool filtration and circulation equipment
  • Pipes and plumbing components
  • Electrical sub-panel and wiring
  • Concrete bond beam to structurally secure the pool shell in the ground.

We proudly present a collection of fiberglass inground pools for every backyard size, personal taste, and budget. Inquire with us to buy these pools a “Do-It-Yourself kit”.

Model Fiesta

3.90mts x 2.50mts x 1.20mts (12p x 8p x 3p)

Model Carcassone

4.60mts x 3.20mts x 1.50mts. (15p x 10p x 4p)

Model Grenoble

6.70mts x 3.20mts x 1.50mts. (21p x 10p x 4p)

Model Nancy

7.90mts x 3, 2-4 mts x 1.35-1.60 mts. (25p x 9p x 4p)

Model Valencia

8.20mts x 4.20mts x 1.50mts. (26p x 13p x 4p)

Included in the purchase of your DIY / HTM swimming pool: Pump, Filter, Caseta (Roca) Skimmer, jets, LED Light (remote control included) and the electrical box.

Standard Equipment Kit

Standard pool equipment kit contains three main necessaries for pool circulation – pump, filter, and electrical box. The equipment can vary in their size and adequately match with the pool gallonage

You can also chose a standard installation with your new pool – the pool package, so you don’t have to lift a finger. We have a full installation team to install your pool. The following three options are available:


Install the pool yourself with the Installation Guide.


Install the pool with a installation technical person on site to supervise your workers.


We will install your pool as a full “Key in Hand” installed pool.

Let us create your unique space at home