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Swimming pools<br>


This cute little pool fits anywhere, is inexpensive and requires very little maintenance.

Total size: Ext. 4.30m x 3.00m x 1.20m
Cover: 15,000 liters.


Very elegant pool with a special size for small families, elegant internal distribution with beautiful stairs and bench.

Total size: Ext. 5,30m x 3,70m x 1,50m
Cover: 22,000 liters.


Undoubtedly, our best-selling pool, its dimensions and its comfortable “submerged lounger” make it the favorite of the Panamanian public. It delights all families, allowing them to chat, relax, party and play with friends in perfect dimensions.

Total size: Ext. 7,20m x 3,70m x 1,50m
Cover: 31,000 liters.


Perhaps the best model to integrate it into the environment, its rounded shape, its beautiful staircase that serves as a bench, its descending depth from 1.35 to 1.60 meters and its elegant final design make this pool a unique model difficult to imitate with traditional systems.

Overall size: Ext. 8,60m x 4,60m x 1,35m to 1,60m
Cap: 49,000 liters


Polyester pool, large, comfortable, UNIQUE for its beach, its two “loungers” and its volume of water with smooth and vertical walls. There is the possibility of transforming it into a large jacuzzi with hydromassage.

Total size: Ext. 8,80m x 4,70m x 1,50m
Cover: 51,000 liters.

Let us create your unique space at home