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At Casa Deko we offer both fiberglass and concrete pools. We not only offer the highest quality to the consumer, but also to project developers. From backyards to entire social areas. See what we can do for your next project.


We are a professional swimming pool company in Panama

Fiberglass pools

Fiberglass pools come as a prefabricated, cast unit straight from the factory. This means that the only on-site work is digging the hole, inserting the pool, connecting the filtration systems, heating, lighting and doing any additional landscaping work. The installation of a fiberglass pool takes only a few days, while the installation of a concrete pool takes much longer.

Concrete pools

Both concrete and fiberglass pools look great once installed and finished, and most people will find it impossible to tell them apart. The real difference in appearance and design lies in the fact that concrete can be built to any desired shape or size, while fiberglass pools are only available in factory prefabricated models.

The feel of the pool can also vary depending on the options you choose. Fiberglass pools usually have a very smooth finish due to the gel coating applied over the raw fiberglass. Concrete pools are usually plastered or tiled, which makes them a little rougher underfoot than fiberglass pools, but gives them a better grip.

Swimming pool comparison


Built to last


Range of possible finishes

Long delivery time

Not suitable for all soil types

They require a lot of maintenance

Rough finishes

Attracts bacteria and mold

Quick to install

Easier to maintain

Looks modern

Retains heat

Smooth gel surface

Needs less chlorine

Inexpensive to maintain

Come in standard sizes